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Daily Logs: June 18, 2012

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Dealing with complexity in the Third Revolution

In response to a post by an inspiring friend:

I’ve been thinking about this a whole lot lately in the context of my own work and life here in Detroit. I moved here in part for a sense of *community* and connectedness and I find that many of the people close to me are drawn & remain in the city for that reason — and yet that interdependence, that rich social web, that “deep participation” is so complicated, and often a source of discomfort.

I wonder how to motivate and manage participation, collaboration, decision-making in “flatter” systems and networks…. how greater interdependence & “richness and diversity of one’s experiences and the strength of one’s social bonds,” while magical on the surface, can be exhausting in practice… the constant give/take/brokering of our values/needs/actions within our networks is a lot in itself. Given our technology as a species, we are no longer operating at the scale of tribes, so we’re negotiating an ever increasing number of connections at varying scales… not to mention the fact that different people are able/willing to “enroll” to different degrees and those who have stronger ties end up being asked to give more than they can sustain as individuals or businesses or organizations (e.g. studies on entrepreneurs with stronger family ties being alternately a blessing and a burden on the business)…

So I guess I just wonder how we deal with this complexity?

When we move out of more bureaucratic, hierarchical command-based approaches to leadership to more participatory, emancipatory, democratic, distributed/chaordic models … and when we move from linear, cumulative models of progress or development to a systems approach focusing on sustainability and resiliency, what are the new kinds of tools (technological, cognitive, emotional, social, political) that we need to manage these changes?

Network modeling? Systems analysis? Ethnography? Facilitative leadership skills?

    Spirituality and religion!?

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