Top Ten Khmer Foods: #10 Noam Ban Chop, Namja Style

This kicks off a ten part series on my very favorite foods in Cambodia. Coming in at number ten on the list:

10) Noam Ban Chop, Namja style

True Khmer noodles come in three styles, defined by the broth — curry, keuv (blue), and namja (meaning unclear). The noodles are eaten at room temperature with an assortment of greens, dependent on the region, the season, and the establishment. My favorite is namja, the reddish brown coconut, shrimp, and peanut based broth, smothering fresh white rice noodles. Like all Khmer noodles, Namja is meant to be augmented by your personal addition of bean sprouts, leafy greens, chilis and a quick squeeze of lime from the communal tray. But the best part about Namja comes when you dig under the mound of sticky fresh noodles and come upon the secret treasure of cucumber slivers and round rings of thinly sliced elephant flower.

At a stall just outside of Phnom Penh. A bowl of noodles runs at $0.32 a pop.

Yum. This is actually keuv (or blue) style, but you get the picture.

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1 Naree Chan { 10.15.08 at 6:21 pm }

you're so khmer now!! lovin' the food posts :)

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